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Rob's John Wayne Sounds Page

Under Construction - Much More To Come

--True Grit--
tgfill.wav                      (John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn) - "Fill your hands you son of a bitch"  (39 k)
tgtrouble.wav               (Rooster Cogburn) - "You are a lotta trouble"   (25 k)
tgshotnobody.wav       (Rooster Cogburn) - "I never shot nobody I didn't have to"  (35 k)
tgready.wav                 (Rooster Cogburn) - "I always try to be ready"   (21 k)
tgfatman.wav            (Ned Pepper) - "That's bold talk from a one eyed fat man"  (35 k)

--The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance--
lvcons.wav                    (J.W.) "What Is It Now Pilgrim, Your Conscience?"   (60 k)
lvcool.wav                     "Well, Cool off Pilgrim"     (45 k)
lvcuss.wav                     "You're A Persistent Cuss Pilgrim"    (45 k)
lveasy.wav                     "Whoa, Take her Easy There Pilgrim"   (49 k)
lvgood.wav                    "Well Good Luck Pilgrim"    (47 k)
lvmake.wav                    "Think Ya Can Make It Pilgrim?"   (39 k)
lvstit.wav                        "Hey...Pilgrim, You're Gonna Need A Couple Of Stitches"    (53 k)
lvtrick.wav                      "I Hate Tricks Pilgrim"   (51 k)
lvtalk.wav                        (Jimmy Stewart)  "Best Way To Make A Man Talk Is Make Him Comfortable"   (42 k)
lvpretty.wav                       (J.W) "Ya know you're mighty pretty when you get mad"  (62 k)
lvmeat.wav                        "Burn me a good thick one...meat and potatoes"  (55 k)
lvlegal.wav                        "Now wait a minute, that ain't exactly legal is it Mr. Attorney?"   (73 k)
lvkill.wav                          (Jimmy Stewart)  "Everybody in this country kill crazy?!"
lvbluff.wav                        "I think you're bluffin' "


If anyone knows where I can find a copy of the theme song from Chisum, PLEASE e-mail me and let me know.
I can only find instrumental versions and I would like the one from the opening of the movie.  e-mail