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Rob's Sounds Page

Last Update: 02-25-2000

John Wayne

--True Grit--
tgfill.wav                      (John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn) - "Fill your hands you son of a bitch"  (39 k)
tgtrouble.wav               (Rooster Cogburn) - "You are a lotta trouble"   (25 k)
tgshotnobody.wav       (Rooster Cogburn) - "I never shot nobody I didn't have to"  (35 k)
tgready.wav                 (Rooster Cogburn) - "I always try to be ready"   (21 k)
tgfatman.wav          (Ned Pepper) - "That's bold talk from a one eyed fat man"  (35 k)

--The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance--
lvcons.wav                    (J.W.) "What Is It Now Pilgrim, Your Conscience?"   (60 k)
lvcool.wav                     "Well, Cool off Pilgrim"     (45 k)
lvcuss.wav                     "You're A Persistent Cuss Pilgrim"    (45 k)
lveasy.wav                     "Whoa, Take her Easy There Pilgrim"   (49 k)
lvgood.wav                    "Well Good Luck Pilgrim"    (47 k)
lvmake.wav                    "Think Ya Can Make It Pilgrim?"   (39 k)
lvstit.wav                        "Hey...Pilgrim, You're Gonna Need A Couple Of Stitches"    (53 k)
lvtrick.wav                      "I Hate Tricks Pilgrim"   (51 k)
lvtalk.wav                        (Jimmy Stewart)  "Best Way To Make A Man Talk Is Make Him Comfortable"   (42 k)
lvpretty.wav                       (J.W) "Ya know you're mighty pretty when you get mad"  (62 k)
lvmeat.wav                        "Burn me a good thick one...meat and potatoes"  (55 k)
lvlegal.wav                        "Now wait a minute, that ain't exactly legal is it Mr. Attorney?"   (73 k)
lvkill.wav                          (Jimmy Stewart)  "Everybody in this country kill crazy?!"
lvbluff.wav                        "I think you're bluffin' "

Austin Powers

apbelly.wav             (Fat Bastard)    "Get In My Belly"   (58 k)
apdeadsexy.wav           (Fat Bastard)    "I'm Dead Sexy"  (60 k)

Big Daddy

bdhappy.wav           (Adam Sandler)    "Will Somebody Get The Kid A Happy Meal!"  (55 k)



firetone.wav           Station 51 Tones  (43 k)
emekg.wav             "Squad 51, this is Rampart, can you send us some EKG?  (51) 10-4, transmitting EKG"  (60 k)
emiv.wav                "Start I.V. 51"   (31 k)

Full Metal Jacket

fmjgnight.wav          (Sgt. Hartman)   "Good Night Ladies"      (Men)   "Good Night Sir"   (56 k)
fmjparents.wav       (Sgt. Hartman)   "Did Your Parents Have Any Children That Lived?!"   (31 k)
fmjteach.wav          (Sgt. Hartman)   "You Will Not Laugh! You Will Not Cry! You Will learn By The
                                                                        Numbers!  I Will Teach You!"   (53 k)
fmjcharge.wav        (Sgt. Hartman)   "Thank You Very Much! Can I Be In Charge For A While!?"  (35 k)
fmjnervous.wav      (Sgt. Hartman)   "Are You Shook Up, Are You Nervous?! Do I Make You Nervous?!" (39 k)
fmjacket.wav          (Pvt. Joker)      "Are Those Live Rounds?"  (Pvt. Pyle) "7-6-2 Millimeter....Full Metal
                                                                    Jacket"   (121 k)
fmjdeadly.wav         (Sgt. Hartman)  "The Deadliest Weapon In The World Is A Marine And His Rifle"  (125 k)

The Munsters

msplay.wav                (Herman)  "Darn, nobody wants to play with me"  (34 k)
hlaugh.wav                 Herman's Laugh  (41 k)

The Nutty Professor

npherc.wav                "Show me muscle again, ooh hercules, hercules, hercules!"

Rush Hour

rharrest.wav               (Chris Tucker)   "Guess what man? I forgot to tell you, I'm LAPD, you're under arrest"  (84 k)
rhwords.wav              (C.T.)    "Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mooouf?"  (48 k)

Sanford and Son

ssdrop.wav            (Fred)  "I drop the case and I plead non compus mentus and I apologize to your habeas and your
                                           corpus"  (75 k)
sshut.wav               (Fred)  "Shut up dummy"  (33 k)


sfpret.wav            (Kramer)  "These pretzles are making me thirsty"  (28 k)
sfdang.wav           (Kramer)  "I'm dangerous, I'm very very dangerous"
sfdog.wav             (Kramer)  "So what's up diggity dog"  (22 k)
kyes.wav               (Kramer)  "Ooooh yes"   (18 k)

Sling Blade

sbhum.wav            "Um Hmm"  (24 k)
sbred.wav              "Well, I just seen red, Um Hmm"  (43 k)
sbkey.wav             "Some folks call it a sling blade.  I call it a keyser blade"  (48 k)
sbsat.wav              "I reckon that didn't quite satisfy me"  (51 k)
sbask.wav             "Some folks is askin' me if ya had it to do again would ya do it the same way. I reckon I would"  (80 k)
sbkill.wav              "I don't reckon I got no reason to kill nobody"  (36 k)
sbright.wav           "They said I wasn't right in the head, so they put me in a nervous hospital instead of puttin' me in jail" (70 k)
sbfried.wav            "I like them french fried potaters, Um Hmm"  (50 k)
sbloose.wav           "They turned me loose from the state hospital, Um Hmm"  (37 k)
sbthen.wav             "All right then"  (25 k)
sbtalk.wav              "He like the way I talk and I like the way he talks, Um Hmm"   (43 k)

Tommy Boy

tbhouse.wav            "*knock* *knock* Housekeeping"  (30 k)

Wedding Singer

wsatt.wav                "Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!"  (60 k)
wsalc.wav                "All right, remember - alcohol equals puke equals smelly mess equals nobody likes you"

What About Bob

wbgimme.wav            "Gimme gimme gimme, I need, I need"  (34 k)